Essa toca na R.C.C, Menina da Aldeia – Lourenço & Lourival

Raul Seixas interpretado por Bruce Springsteen

Agora é lei, “Lambadão Cuiabano” é Patrimônio Cultural e Imaterial

Todo cuiabano de raiz já dançou ao ritmo da música: “Ei amigo toque uma lambada que eu to querendo me esquentar”, “vou entrar agora na folia só vou pra casa quando o dia clarear”, “eu encontrei alguém que eu mais queria”, “vou entrar na brincadeira até amanhecer o dia”, agora ...

Melhor montagem – Freddie Mercury – Doente de amor, procurei remédio na vida noturna

Ibiza Dance Music – A History of Dance Music

Music centers can break out in the must unlikely places. Take the small Balearic Island of Ibiza, for example. When people think of island vacations, they likely picture sandy beaches, rolling waves, and drinking cool beverages under the hot sun. In other words, they dream about enjoying the great outdoors. ...

Has Lady Gaga Brought Back Dance Music

People in general seem to forget that Lady Gaga has surpassed being a “pop icon.” She is an original singer who has an amazing vocal and infectious beats. She keeps getting her new music out there and keeps promoting it, she’s always got something going on, never a dull moment. ...

House and Electronic Dance Music DJs – Use a Playlist

A Tracklist Will Help You Get Found Including a tracklist or playlist with your mix sets is an essential part of promoting your career as a performing artist. Whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned pro, a proper play list is the best way to ensure your mix sets ...

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